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Dr. Jamie D. Kirkpatrick, PsyD, LMFT
"Helping you to discover your light"
Are you suffering from emotional pain? 

Struggling with depression, anxiety, confusion, relationship issues, or other difficulties? 

Seeking out a mental health professional to help with life’s difficulties is a sign of courage and a step in the right direction.

     People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Sometimes something is simply bothering you and you are not quite sure what it is. Perhaps you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, loneliness, or traumatic memories. Or maybe you’re struggling with your career, challenges in your relationship, or an overall imbalance and lack of peace in your life. Whatever the difficulty is, I am here to help you explore and understand what is going on and how you may be able to change it.

     Growth can be difficult and take time, although some problems have short-term solutions. As you challenge your thoughts, beliefs, and actions related to your feelings, you can often experience a new sense of freedom in your life. I am experienced and trained to assess, diagnose, and treat a wide range of issues, so that you can achieve more fulfilling, satisfying, and productive relationships, social adjustment, and individual balance. I will provide support and perspective as you struggle with stress, worry, pain, and all of life's challenges.

I invite you to contact me to further discuss my areas of expertise, qualifications, and how I might be able to help you. I also offer a free consultation, so you really have nothing to lose.

Hope to see you soon! 

Dr. Jamie D. Kirkpatrick, PsyD, LMFT
License # LMFT 40537

73-726 Alessandro Dr., Ste. 203
Pam Desert, CA 92260

Email: [email protected]
Worrying about tomorrow doesn't doesn't fix anything, 
it just takes peace away from today!



Couples & Family

This is your journey. Sometimes life can be a roller coaster, painful, confusing, and extremely difficult to navigate through. Whatever your path may be, I can help you to figure out how you want to travel it and to discover the light that can open up to a whole new life.
Often times adults don't understand the stress, anxiety, and confusion that comes with being a teenager. Sometimes they just don't remember what it was like. Whether you're dealing with cyber bullying, relationships, academic stress, family conflict, or something else, I'm here to listen. Whatever it is, or if you're not sure, just give me a call or text. It's confidential!
Relationships seem to be more difficult than ever these days. The challenges and stress that comes with being a good partner or parent can seem insurmountable at times. I can help teach you to nurture those relationships and be true to yourself in the process, so that you have the energy to really cherish those relationships and find true fulfillment.
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  1. Managing Director

About Me

Life can be hectic, overwhelming, and downright difficult sometimes. I have set out in my life to do whatever I can in my little corner of the world, to help individuals and families to overcome difficult challenges, fear, and to achieve the change and growth they desire. I want to help you to become aware of what you may feel deficient in or impoverished of, and help you find hope, faith, and understanding. I want to walk beside you on your path to discovering greatness, peace, and life-affirming energy.
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About You

You know you better than anyone and as such, you are in charge of your life. Whether you're dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, problems in a relationship, suffering from a painful past, or just feel like your lost at sea without a life preserver, you and I can work together to figure it out. You have a lot of strengths. Now is the time to acknowledge them and use them! With a bit of work, you can become the captain of your own lifeboat and navigate your way toward solid ground. My hope is that I can shed some light on your situation. So, let's partner together to achieve your goals.
Trauma-EMDR & Hypnosis
People experience all sorts of painful and traumatic events in life. Traditional psychotherapy, EMDR, and hypnosis are all different ways of reprocessing those life events, so that they no longer plague you.
I know that you sometimes feel completely alone in what you're dealing with. There is hope, though. You have to believe just a tiny bit, that there may be some possibility of pulling through whatever you're experiencing.

Whether you're suffering from depression, anxiety, family conflict, self-image issues, parenting problems, whatever, I am here to help. I do not come from only one or two theoretical perspectives when working with people. I meet clients where they're at and design individualized treatments for each person, couple, or family, working alongside clients.
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Dissociative Disorders
People with a dissociative disorder often feel detached from themselves or the world around them. They may even have memory loss for certain events in their life. Dissociation is often a result of trauma and can be overwhelming to deal with. But you can find healing.
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Spiritual Growth
It is my belief that everyone needs to find a balance between their physical, psychological, and spiritual health, but people often forget the importance of the spiritual. Where does your strength and peace come from? What's important to you and what do you value? This is where you discover your light.
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Life Coaching
Do you feel stuck? Are you having a hard time moving forward to achieve your goals? We can collaborate on propelling you forward and upward, to achieve your highest and best, as you discover and utilize your inner wisdom.
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